Wheatland Seed History

Wheatland Seed Inc., began when a father and son bought out a small seed company in 1977. Initially, they offered only two products to the public. First, the sale of organic grains and flours to both co-ops and health food stores. Second, the cleaning and sale of seed to farmers and seed dealers. Today Wheatland sells over two hundred products including safflower, alfalfa, small grains, flour, and a variety of grasses. Total annual sales in 1977 were $130,000. Sales for the year 2000 are expected to reach over 45 million.
Expanding existing markets along with acquiring and establishing new market, precipitated Wheatland's growth. Seeing the growing need for expansion, Wheatland Seed built an additional facility in Collinston Utah. As they continued to grow the Collinston facility has been expanded 3 times. As markets expand so does our clientele. Wheatland Seed is able to ship its product throughout the west  truck and rail. Wheatland has purchased a flourmill in Logan and has organized several new grain and trading divisions

.Central Milling Logan Utah