Here at Wheatland Seed we have been offering high quality seed products for over the last 30 years. All of our seed is quadruple cleaned to give it the highest standard possible. For food storage purposes we offer both commercial hard red wheat and hard white wheat, available in a variety of sizes for storage and consumption. We use only USDA No. 1 hard white Spring wheat with a minimum of 13.0% protein. All of the Hard white spring wheat is raised in the higher mountain valleys of Idaho and in Montana and is chemical free i.e.has not had any chemicals applied to the wheat berry for better quality and taste.

We offer both commercial hard red wheat and hard white wheat in 50 lb storage bags. We also offer them in 5 and 6 gallon buckets. The 5 gallon buckets contain 37 lbs of wheat and the 6 gallon buckets contain 45 lbs of wheat. All wheat is packaged below 10.0% moisture, sealed in 90 mil buckets with rubber gasket lids and includes a minimum of 500 CC oxygen absorbers.